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acp CO2 cooling of PEEK in medical manufacturing

Cleaning medical products efficiently and reliably using CO2

Medical products, such as implants, instruments and aids, not only need to be sterile, they also have to be free of residues from production processes. The necessary cleanliness can be achieved reliably, reproducibly and cost-effectively with the quattroClean snow-jet cleaning system, despite some products having complex geometries. In addition, the dry and environmentally neutral cleaning […]

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acp advanced clean production GmbH CO2 snow jet nozzle

Deburring medical instruments and implants

Deburring medical instruments and implants Special CO2 snow-jet technology developed by acp – advanced clean production GmbH simultaneously carries out deburring and cleaning of medical instruments and implants. The process can be integrated in-line, is reproducible, reliable, dry, environmentally friendly and full-fills the highest cleanliness requirements. Not only can carbon dioxide be used in numerous […]

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CO2 cleaning laser structuring

Removing ablation residues from laser direct structuring of MIDs

Removing ablation residues from laser direct structuring of 3-D printed circuit boards with an added effect Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) enables the circuit layouts of Molded Interconnect Devices (MIDs) to be produced on complex three-dimensional substrate structures. In the process, the laser beam inscribes the layout directly onto the injection-moulded plastic element. When removing ablation […]

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plastics technology

Plastics Technology at Volkswagen – CO2 Snow Cleaning

CO2 Snow Cleaning Interior Plastic Parts – Volkswagen Plastics Technology For about a year now, Volkswagen Plastics Technology in Braunschweig in Germany has been using the C02 snow jet technique developed by acp to clean interior plastic components components before painting. Apart from aiming to improve quality, the main reasons behind the investment were cost-efficiency, […]

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cleaning process for plastic body parts at BMW

Cleaning process for plastic body parts at BMW

Cleaning process for plastic body parts at BMW In the application of Co2 snow cleaning prior to painting, acp’s systems provide a dry, non-abrasive and solvent free cleaning process for plastic body parts. This process is modular, flexible and adaptable for integration into industry standard painting robotics and automation. This process in full production can […]

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ACP GmbH Ditzingen Co2 snow jet cleaning

New UK presence for CO2 snow-jet cleaning company

Welcome to the new UK website and UK support for ‘acp GmbH’ – producer of efficient CO2 snow-jet cleaning systems. CO2 snow-jet cleaning for manufacturing in the UK acp (advanced clean production) develops and produces innovative and efficient high-tech CO2 snow-jet cleaning systems to efficiently clean a wide range of contaminations from various materials in […]

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CO2 snow-jet cleaning for laser processing

Cleaning for Laser welding with CO2 snow: Volvo CE AB

Cleaning for laser welding using a CO2 snow-jet process removes solid and filmy contamination through a combination of mechanical, chemical and thermal effects in a dry cleaning process without leaving any residues. Increasing productivity, reliability and environmental compatibility while at the same time reducing operating costs and maintenance costs—these are fundamental requirements in the construction […]

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