ACP GmbH Ditzingen Co2 snow jet cleaning

New UK presence for CO2 snow-jet cleaning company

Welcome to the new UK website and UK support for ‘acp GmbH’ – producer of efficient CO2 snow-jet cleaning systems.

ACP GmbH Ditzingen Co2 snow jet cleaning

acp GmbH Ditzingen

CO2 snow-jet cleaning for manufacturing in the UK

acp (advanced clean production) develops and produces innovative and efficient high-tech CO2 snow-jet cleaning systems to efficiently clean a wide range of contaminations from various materials in many industries. including the manufacture of automotive components, mechatronics, electronics, and semiconductors.

The innovative technology of the patented acp CO2 snow-jet cleaning system provides a dry, environmentally friendly, free of residues and solvents, non-aggressive cleaning (to nanoscale) which is both flexible and gentle.

Ever increasing demands regarding the cleanliness of component surfaces call for increasingly effective cleaning methods. With its innovative dry cleaning technology using a CO2 snow-jet, acp GmbH has developed an in-line process that is capable of removing particulate and filmy contamination (e.g. dust, ablation residues, flitter, flux residues, smoke residues from laser processes, oils, fingerprints, cutting emulsions, polishing paste, etc.) from almost any material in a gentle but effective manner. The process can be used not only to clean large surface areas but also to selectively remove contamination from tiny defined functional areas with the highest cleanliness requirements.

Whether for use in connection with: painting plastics; manufacturing precision mechatronic products; selective cleaning in the electronics, semiconductor, or the optical industry; or to achieve high-quality results in coating, painting, joining or other processes; or any application where surfaces need to be free of particles, oils and grease.

The patented CO2 snow-jet technology cleans sensitive component areas using a dry, environmentally-friendly, residue-free process. By utilizing a supersonic cleaning jet, optimum cleaning results can be achieved with a minimum consumption of CO2.

With the option of a direct supply of liquid CO2, these features make the process especially suitable for automated applications. We offer a wide variety of solutions, ranging from portable cleaning systems, such as the JetWorker, through to ready-assembled cleaning modules, right up to fully-automated production platforms.

You UK contact for sales and applications is Michael Gadd CEng. Based in the UK Michael is available to support your applications from idea, to concept, to delivery, through to after sales support to keep your equipment productive and efficient.

For further information, call Michael for an informal chat to discuss your application further!


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