Cleaning Medical Products with CO2 snow-jet

cleaning medical products - cannulas or needles with CO2 snow






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Cleaning with

CO2-snow jet

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Cleaning & deburring of Cannulas

External & Internal cleaning


cleaning medical products - pedicle screws or implants with CO2 snow

Surgical implants

Cleaning of blind holes

Carbon-neutral process! *

CO2 is recovered from carbon-capture

cleaning medical products - surgical instruments and tools with CO2 snow

Cleaning of Surgical Tools &


Free of residues

Solvent free and environmentally neutral

Dry and Residue Free Cleaning


Carbon-neutral process! *

CO2 is recovered from carbon-capture

cleaning medical products - lab on a chip with CO2 snow

Dry and Residue Free Cleaning


Carbon-neutral process! *

CO2 is recovered from carbon-capture


 Surgical instruments


 Porous (Sintered)

 Soot Removal


 Dry Machining

 Blind holes

Cleaning Medical Products with CO2 snow-jet

Cleaning medical products in manufacturing is changing to a newer and more advanced technology that offers a dry, non-aggressive, and residue free solution of CO2 snow-jet cleaning. Implants, instruments and aids, not only need to be sterile, they also have to be free of residues from production processes. The necessary cleanliness can be achieved reliably, reproducibly and cost-effectively with the quattroClean snow-jet cleaning system, including the cleaning of medical products with complex geometries. In addition, the dry and environmentally-neutral cleaning technology is highly compact, easy to automate and simple to integrate into production lines and cleanrooms.


For implants, cannulas, surgical instruments other medical products, a high degree of cleanliness in surgery is of course mandatory. Therefore clean manufacturing and packaging are key in the removal of contamination using a system that is inherently anti-bacterial.


Contamination can be classified as: general dirt or dust from production; films from machining or production; soot from laser welding processes; micro-burrs from plastic or metal machining.

The question is how to remove this contamination? We can use an aqueous or a chemical based system, each with their own limitations, or we can use an alternative and proven advanced technology such as CO2 snow. For an aqueous system you have to consider how the product is dried, and for a chemical based system you need to consider cross contamination issues or the potential chemical or physical impact to the material. There are also considerations with the environmental impact in the disposal of chemical waste.

Medical Applications

CO2 snow-jet cleaning works on non-porous or porous materials and will internally clean blind holes. The combined features of cooling and cleaning, also replaces the coolant for dry machining of plastic parts.

Carbon dioxide is inherently anti-bacterial, it is dry, non-aggressive, leaves no residues and when combined with the right process technology, has a low cost of ownership.

acp - advanced clean production GmbH

acp – advanced clean production GmbH has 20 years of experience in providing CO2 snow cleaning technology to many sectors, including cleaning medical products. The patented acp system is the only composite system that can provide a homogeneous uniform snow-jet beam, combining CO2 with compressed air or N2 to provide a repeatable and economically viable alternative. The acp system has been tested by The Natural and Medical Sciences Institute NMI and we work in partnership with Medical Mountains, a consortium of industry professionals.

To lean more on how the technology works, visit the page on the quattroClean technology.

To learn more on how CO2 snow-jet cleaning can further optimise your production, contact acp to discuss your application further.

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