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'acp GmbH' and 'ACI AG' will turn into acp systems AG

the companies ´acp GmbH´ (Ditzingen, Germany) and ´ACI AG´ (Zimmern ob Rottweil, Germany) have merged and with that turned their legal form into a modern and international standard. The positive of this merger will be the expansion of their organisations and especially of their particular expertise. Also under the new name we will continue partnerships with our customers and suppliers in the same positive way.

co2 snow jet cleaning nozzle

CO2 Snow Jet Cleaning systems use solid CO2 ice crystals as a jet medium. With its combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, CO2 snow is able to gently detach and remove a whole variety of surface contamination. Developed at the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany, the sublimation-impulse technique is the most efficient process to date for cleaning with CO2 snow worldwide.

CO2 snow cleaning applications

Dry-cleaning with CO2 snow is a process which can be used on almost any material and in conjunction with any cleaning principle; it can offer up to 40% cost advantage over conventional cleaning techniques.

The acp CO2 snow-jet cleaning before painting process is designed for cleaning of plastic car body parts. The device has an impressively compact cleaning head and is extremely flexible and adaptable, enabling it to be fitted to typical modern painting robot systems. Nozzles can be switched on and off individually to match the geometry of the component.

Based on the modular construction system „multiFlex“, diverse customized production processes can be realised, including the corresponding automation. As an important factor, modularity allows processing various grid dimensions of  work pieces and all necessary process steps in the interior. Learn more (external link)

- Manual or semi-automated linking of work stations in ´one-piece-flow ´operations
- Extension possible by automated stations
- High flexibility according to product design/modifications and product diversity
Learn more (external link)

acp-systems offers an innovative and patented CO2 dry cleaning system using CO2 Snowjet. As standalone or integrated into a production system this process allows removing particles and film contaminations as well in an efficient and smooth process. Learn more (external link)

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